6am - 9am | Old                        Skool House  

Tim’s been a DJ for over 20 years specialising in all types of music from 86 Acid house, to 89 Summer Of Love, to 93 hard core slamming vinal, to orginal drum and bass and finally then to original House and Garage.



  7am - 9am | Disco House                    Party 

Max Galactic will be bringing impeccably mixed soul, funk and disco, 80s and 90s re-edits and sing-along house anthems to his radio show! With over 20 years’ experience DJing and promoting parties, club nights, festivals and events, he’s packed out dance floors with energetic performances at @wildernesshq , @larmertreefest , Camp @bestival , @eldoradofestival , @greenmanfest and @bigfeastivalca ⁣

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    9am - 12pm | Variety

Selected EXT guest Djs take on the history of dance music form the 80s, 90s and 00s!





         12pm | - 2pm 

Coming Soon....



2pm - 4pm | Multi Genre

Candy: ⁣
An open format DJ who has toured with the likes of @wizkidayo, @fortheloveofjcole , @example and @tiniegram to name a few!⁣
Her skills have taken her all over the world, playing at iconic clubs and festivals from @ministryofsound and @pachaofficial to @freshislandfest and @wirelessfest.⁣

As a vocalist, Mel has worked with major labels laying her vocals on the classic garage smash 'Let The Beat Hit 'Em'! ⁣As a host she incorporates live vocals, audience participation and hyping a crowd. This has led to her performing all over the world alongside superstars such as @duttypaul, @bustarhymes, @fortheloveofjcole , @skeptagram and many more!⁣



GUEST ROTATION                       SHOW

  4pm - 6pm | Tech House

Daniel ‘Dander’ Kurek is a 15 year old tech house DJ/producer. He started DJing at the age of 7 after he was exposed to the world of DJing through a game called ‘DJ Hero’. He fell in love with DJing before he even had his first decks, and so saved up what little pocket money he had to buy a cheap controller so he could start his journey as a real DJ. He continues his journey to this day, and the love for his craft continues.⁣

Dander has had a very rough ‘career’ as a DJ. Ever since he started, he has always struggled to find any form of an audience. Most people Dander knew were very unsupportive of him which led to him taking most of his journey alone, as the handful of people who supported him had no knowledge of the DJ world whatsoever. This meant that he had to teach himself. Dander’s age is also often a big hinderance, as most places where DJs play are usually restricted to over 18’s. This meant that Dander took up music production at the age of 11, in order to try and get noticed through his tracks rather than his DJ sets. ⁣


        RHYS WHITE

  GUEST ROTATION                      SHOW

  6pm - 8pm | Multi Genre

With over 15 years’ experience Rhys learned to DJ at school lunch time in his brothers bedroom on early 90’s Acid house records and UK garage he bought with lunch money, he then played on many prolific London pirate radios like Shine and Touch FM during the garage era and held residencies in local nightclubs like Aquarium and Purple e3.
From 2010 he started playing new house music and moved to play at some of London’s biggest clubs including Ministry of sound, Egg and Pacha and then managed to break into Ibiza in 2012 playing at super-club Eden.
He was also one of the founders of one of London’s first and only underground house and techno pirate radios to feature live broadcasts from overseas DJ’s
Rhys currently plays across all genres with his own sound ranging from 80’s disco to new minimal house and take inspiration from artists like Carl cox, Ricardo Villalobos and EZ just to name a few Expect his shows to be experimental and action packed.



  GUEST ROTATION                      SHOW

      6pm - 8pm | House 





      6pm - 8pm | House 

Mike Slade AKA Dj Mikee Fresh. Originally a vinyl House & Garage DJ doing the circuit on the pirate scene (Vision884 Shine879 Force1065 Y2K90.6) Playing the very best house from 88-present day. Watch out for the snap crackle and pop!!⁣With over 20 years of DJing experience, i'm looking forward to becoming part of the EXT Project family and the journey.⁣As part of the Friday night team I'm looking to bring an uplifting show to kick start of your weekend. ⁣



8pm - 10pm | Multi Genre

Jade AKA 'Not Just Jade' is London born and bred!⁣⁣ ⁣Her strong connection with music started at a very young age falling in love with the London Underground House/Dance Scene.⁣⁣ ⁣That said Jade has an eclectic music taste. She was bought up listening to all sounds from Motown, Soul, Disco, Old School House/Rave, Garage and more. ⁣⁣



10pm - 12am | Multi Genre

Chris C started DJing in a youth centre cupboard back in the year of 1995 and soon found himself engrossed in dance music culture. Listening, raving and vibzing to the sounds of Jungle, Hardcore, Garage & House. Chris says 'I was buying vinyl every week from Pure Groove and Planet Phat spending every pound I had to get the tunes and anything else left on raving at clubs that included Bagleys, Labrynth, Camden Palace and Leisure Lounge.  Promotions such as Desire, Moondance & Freedom just to name a few.
Stevie B started DJing at 14 in 1997 providing house parties for friends and family, Stevie found himself playing Garage and Acid House as that's what the people wanted. Some years later Stevie met Chris and a musical bond was formed, this then became the Musical Madness. 



12am - 2am | Tech House

Vinyl ready!
As a teenager Laura was fully immersed in the Italian electronic scene capturing musical trends from the best clubs in Italy.

Things were turned up to 100% in 2010 when She moved to London opening her mind to different music genres and during her travels around the world.

She brings vibrations of mixed musical genres for your journey !!