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Updated: Feb 12

Containerville is a community of flexible workspaces where pioneering, creative, forward-thinking professionals bring their ideas to life and build successful businesses.


Every container is different, that’s not solely down to our tenants being brilliant. At Containerville, tenants are free to customise their workspaces to suit their business’ needs; whether that’s sound-absorbing walls for a music studio, leopard-print wallpaper in a hawaiian themed beauty parlour or just some clever office shelving - we know that making a workspace perfect is key to small-business success.

Split over two locations

Corbridge Crescent.

Emma Street, just behind Hackney Road.

Did you know ?....Containerville,

Designed by British architect Scott Kyson, the self-contained offices in Corbridge Crescent are said to offer affordable workspace at the heart of east London.

In 2015, 45 units were snapped up in when the development first launched. It is now set to expand by 33 in April, bringing total to 78.

Go to for more information. 020 7839 1919


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