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15 Year old DJ Sensation Showcases Talent on EXT.Radio

Dander is our youngest DJ on the station, here he desribes what it's like to be a young DJ in the industry and what EXT Project has done for him.

Being a DJ who is under 18 is really quite a challenge. It can be incredibly discouraging to me (and presumably other young DJs like me) when I am not able to showcase my art to the world through performing, and make connections with others who share my passion simply due to my age. It can really be frustrating to see someone who is just 3 years older than me DJing in clubs, festivals as well as other events, and easily making connections with other members of this industry that further propel them forward, even though they may have far less experience and love for the art of DJing than someone like me, who has spent most of their life trying to hone their skills to perfection. Many people unfortunately only see DJing as a way to make quick money and quickly boost their social status and ego. It really is a shame to see that so much of the industry values these kind of people far more than those young kids who truly have a deep adoration for the craft, and have spent years of their time practicing and refining their skills, in hopes that one day, their time will pay off.

However, no matter how unfair the circumstances are for young DJs like me, EXT project was there for me, and I think that this is where it really shines. EXT gives everyone a level playing field to showcase their art, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality and any other factors that make us all unique. I think this inclusivity is what makes the EXT community work so well. Here, there are no limiting factors, and that is the strong point of the project. We can only hope that more of the industry can finally see how amazing this kind of inclusivity really is. Everyone at EXT is so incredibly different and we all have our own stories and experiences. This variety couldn’t be represented better than in all the shows, and you don’t even need to see the video feed to know who is currently performing. By embracing this variety, EXT provides a listening experience like no other radio station, and takes the listeners on a journey that is different with every DJ.

Speaking more personally, EXT has truly been the first time I can say I have gained invaluable advice and experience in presenting my first ever radio show called ‘The Next Gen Takeover’, and have given me a platform to stream to an audience of more than just my cat and my sofa! The team have really shown me so many things I would never have been able to learn at home, which is the only way I have been learning thus far. Using professional equipment to present my shows and perform on has almost felt like a reassuring nudge to me about the things to come, and playing on CDJs really reminds me why I do DJing in the first place – to make my art as good as it can possibly be, and to share it with as many interested people as possible. The equipment really allows be to be more creative than I would usually be on my controller, and I can imagine myself playing in front of a crowd on the exact same equipment.

Even though I have been DJing for most of my life, I know that I still have plenty to learn and experience in this industry, and I really think that EXT will help me truly reach my full potential, and will undoubtedly help me in my journey which is still only just starting.

Catch Dander Live once a month, Saturday's 4pm-6pm.

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